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For globally growing companies

For globally growing companies, our designs help to adapt new orientations to changing market situations in order to contribute to growth. We implement communication media according to the respective corporate creative design specifications for you or the company.

We place you in the market, on the web and in your target group, naturally in Responsive and therefore effectively.

Corporate Design
Your design actively contributes to increasing success. We create corporate design, redesign and logos with our distinctive intercultural understanding of html, css, javascript and php for people, companies, products and projects in the respective target markets. As web developers and designers, we bundle creative, Photoshop and indesign, conception and strategy skills in our professional team to perfectly and sustainably stage your corporate design. Delivering “exceptional” and “effectively functioning” results that are measurable and scalable for your success helps to increase your profits in the medium term.
Multilingual website and markets
Our joint mission is to ensure that you or your company are perfectly perceived by the public. With a multilingual website, your target group will immediately remember you. We will find the perfect solution for you and work with you to find the perfect solution. We are always highly motivated and fully committed to our new challenges in order to internationalize your business.
Our web development partner Tempulse.Global explains:

Together with my team, I provide a powerful, adaptive and high-quality translation management system for creating your international website presence. More than 50 languages are available for you to choose from to successfully build your multilingual web presence. Difficulties often start with running a multilingual website. You’ll love me and my team when you see how our adaptive and high-quality translation management is used for your web presence.

What does the high-quality and adaptive translation management system offer me?

Me and my team provide you with 2 versions:

1. a standard version with 50 languages.

2. an individual language editor for special languages.

What do I need to consider when using a multilingual and international website?

We focus on usability. Our facts for very good usability:

1. where should the language switcher be positioned on the website? At the top right.

2. how should the language be labeled? The display should be labeled in the language as a text link and also be named correctly. German remains German and not “German”.

3. what happens when you press the language switcher on the website? If you press the language switcher, you will of course not, as is so often the case, land on our homepage and then laboriously search for your desired page again.

4. can I reverse the language selection? My standard, for the respective implementation of a multilingual and international website.

Are you already working internationally?

Would you like to work internationally and multilingually in the future? What can I and my web development team contribute? My team and I want to maximize the success of you and your website. The advantages of a concentrated cooperation in the worldwide branches of Tempulse.Global on 5 continents and in other metropolises, we have the sophisticated strategy, tactics and multi-level plan of Tempulse.Global ready for you. Read more under business addresses worldwide.

Real street addresses in central locations in the world’s trendiest cities are available to you worldwide – digital mailboxes and our cloud-based software, together with our technology partners, make it possible to manage incoming correspondence online from anywhere in the world. Of course, you also want to be reachable by phone abroad around the clock – the receipt of letters and parcels is also regulated. You will have your own telephone number and secretary Alena at your disposal. Alena is multilingual. Be inspired by our multilingual web design. Benefit from the fact that your products, your offer or your information can be offered on your website in different languages.


Web Performance

Website performance is a very important and very interesting topic. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba and Youtube are obsessed with website speed. How important is fast performance for your business and your web presence? Poor performance means less sales and less reputation in the market. No company and no web presence can afford this in the long term. Around the world and in Europe, broadband connectivity varies. More and more people are using their smartphones or tablets for mobile Internet access. In Germany in particular, high speeds have still not arrived. But that’s exactly what users expect when they want to surf the web. Dealing with website performance is the basis for building a profitable website for you and your web presence in the medium term.


What is website performance?

Website performance is defined by the loading speed in a browser. The decisive factor is how long the website takes to be fully displayed in a browser. This is called loading speed. It is clear that the faster this loading time is, the better your website performance is. Clicking the mouse button on a link and displaying all objects of a site in your browser is crucial for you and your website presence.

What is the process for each element of a website?

1. your browser opens the Internet address book (DNS) and looks up the IP address that matches the name of the server on which the element is stored.

2. the communication partners negotiate the conditions for the delivery of the content.

3. many different protocols (web standards) are used for data transmission.

4. your Internet browser evaluates the data received and displays this evaluation of the data.

This process can take different lengths of time depending on the distance between your computer and the web server or the amount of data.


What are the factors for good website performance?

1. the server performance

2. the network performance

3. the front-end performance

Server performance is about how quickly the internet server can process incoming requests. Network performance focuses on the utilization and speed of the entire web infrastructure. The font-end performance is concerned with the data processing of the requesting client.


Our conclusion for your website performance

Delaying the loading time of your website, even if it is only a few seconds, leads to a negative experience for the visitor to your website. Loss of control and long website loading times lead to annoyance. With my team of developers, I ensure the perfect implementation between your web presence and pay attention to increasing your website performance right from the start.


Our good news on the topic of website performance

Almost 90% of the time that the user waits for the requested site to be displayed on the web is lost in the front-end category. This is where my team and I start optimizing a website. The aim is to significantly increase the loading time.

In addition to achieving optimum website performance, there are two key differences here:

1.the empirical performance

2.the psychological performance

Empirical performance is about precisely measuring loading times. The aim is to keep this loading time very short. With psychological performance, I analyze for you and your website presence how long and how pleasant the loading process is for people.

Why do I and my team need to focus on website performance?

Dealing with this topic sounds strange, doesn’t it? But it’s about the value of your website presence on the Internet.

The performance is influenced by:

1. the conversion

2. the visitors

3. the placement in the search engines

4. the bounce rate

5. the side views

6. user satisfaction revenue

Good website performance leads to less data being transmitted over the network. This saves energy and protects the environment.


What are the 3 most important limits for the loading time of a website?

Loading time less than 1 second If the loading time is less than 1 second, the website visitor assumes that the server will respond directly to their request/action. The visitor is convinced that he and not the computer is responsible for the result. Loading time up to 2 seconds The website visitor already notices the delay here. Within this loading time, however, the website visitor can still concentrate on his request. Loading time from 4 seconds The website visitor loses focus on the current request. The website visitor wants to be distracted or leaves the website altogether. These findings can be traced back to the psychology of perception and are still valid today. It is clear how important it is to ensure a very good loading time.

What happens if the loading speed of your website is not very good?

1. the visitor gives up.

2. the visitor leaves the request.

3. you lose sales.

What impact does a slow loading time have on your web presence on the Internet?

What negative effects does a slow loading time have on the website?

approx. -4% of the conversion rate

approx. – 10% fewer page views

approx. + 9 % increased bounce rate

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