Mail forwarding

Digital mailbox

The digital mailbox offers you the great advantage of easy digital access to international correspondence. Wherever you are. However, if you would like to have a specific letter or parcel physically available, simply use TempulseMail. You simply enter your address in the interface and can look forward to receiving your mail just a few days later.


All worldwide letters and parcels in a central digital mailbox – or, if you prefer, in your real letterbox.

With TempulseMail, you always have the option of taking a look at your incoming letters and parcels via scan. If you realize during this process or from the outset that the letter should be physically with you, you can have it conveniently forwarded. Employees at all business addresses worldwide will forward incoming letters and parcels on request. To the home address you have entered in the settings, which can of course be changed at any time. To initiate mail forwarding, all you have to do is press a button when the mail is received. Within 24 hours, your mail is back in the hands of the delivery staff to be delivered to you as quickly and safely as possible.

When can I initiate forwarding and how much does it cost?

As soon as a consignment arrives for you, you will receive information about the sender, format and weight. On this basis, you decide on one of the three options (scan, forward or destroy). If you can tell directly from the sender that it is a consignment that you need to have physically available, then have your letters and parcels forwarded immediately. If you would like to take a look inside the envelope or box first, arrange for a scan. Mail forwarding is still available afterwards. How much mail forwarding costs in terms of postage depends on the exact business address. However, you will of course be informed of the conditions beforehand.

Advantages of TempulseMail

You have your letters and parcels forwarded to all conceivable addresses

You can conveniently order mail forwarding at fair conditions both directly after receipt of the consignment and after a scan

Forwarded items remain in your virtual mailbox

Your mail will be on its way to you within 24 hours