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Virtual Reality EmpowermentVREP

Online course program

VirtualReality Empowerment Program

Üover 8 weeks together with inner.i maximum 8 participants/* . 2,500 €* per participant incl. hardware rental fee

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Business Consulting

Digital coaching

Digitalization is finding its way into almost all areas of life. Education and digitalization, an important topic for our society, are fundamentally changing our lives. The education landscape is also affected by this. However, the focus is on people, who are expected to be highly willing to learn throughout their lives. Learning and coaching are characterized by personal conversations. What would it mean for you if you could continue your education from anywhere using e-learning and mobile learning? How important is it to you to achieve cost savings compared to face-to-face teaching? What does digital coaching mean? What are the benefits of digital coaching for me?


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Growth plan and solution

Our growth solution for agile companies at European level. Our boot camp especially for company managers and board members. Small and medium-sized companies have to deal with changes in their market environment ever more intensively and efficiently. It is essential for companies to generate growth through opportunities to raise balance sheet equity and thus improve their company rating in times of restrictive lending by banks and financial institutions, both nationally and internationally. Agile transformation strategically required: What would it mean for your company if your corporate rating were to be significantly improved by our solutions? How important is it for you that the company can continue to grow? What would it mean for your company’s strategy if our solutions provided fresh capital for investment from credit and financial institutions or investors? In our boot camp for company managers and board members, we use our international network of authorized legal service providers to demonstrate an effective and efficiently implementable growth solution. Our growth solution is specifically aimed at digital companies, patent holders or trading companies at European level.

Target group: Company managers, board members

Duration: 8 hours

Costs: on request


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Digital transformation

What skills do specialists and managers need to have today in the course of digitalization? The attentive reader and listener will notice two main theses in the ongoing discussions in the media on the subject of digitalization. The first thesis is the mantra that digitalization will affect us all in the near future. The second thesis is that our lives and the world of work will change dramatically as a result.


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Emigrate the right way

Your compendium coaching

Do you finally want to emigrate and make a successful start in the world?

In our podcast compendium, you will learn how to emigrate successfully in the context of international tax law. How you can have a lasting impact on your economic success!

incl. checklist for relocation & optimization of the center of life

with live FAQ sessions


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Digital Electromobility

Digital Value-Chain Electromobility

Sustainable mobility. Sustainable mobility” ensures the current and future mobility needs of society and the economy with regard to the transportation of people and goods while safeguarding the natural basis of life for future generations as far as possible. Sustainable mobility relies on powerful, efficient, integrated and resource-conserving transportation concepts. The focus here is on vehicles with alternative drive systems, both along the value chain and over the entire life cycle, and their integration into existing or newly emerging energy, transport and information systems.”

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Which academic courses are suitable for the field of sustainable mobility. How these courses are distributed across different types of higher education institutions. To what extent interdisciplinarity plays a role in the courses on offer? Whether and to what extent companies expect a lack of qualifications? Whether companies have difficulties in meeting the demand for academically trained and further educated employees? To what extent university courses are transparent for companies?

Our keyword list of academic education offers available throughout Germany

Electric motor

Traffic Traffic Energy Management High voltage

Energy management City Mobility Transportation planning

Electrochemistry Urban energy Lightweight construction

Hybrid fuel cell Hydrology Public transport

Ecology Mobility Environment Recycling

Telematics Renewable energies Power electronics

Both universities and companies attach great importance to the topic of sustainable mobility.

Companies intend to expand the mobility business area more intensively in the future and attach great strategic importance to it. However, there is uncertainty on the part of companies as to whether they will be able to recruit employees with academic degrees in the coming years to the extent that further expansion of the business field would require. The aim for the future is to better expand existing degree courses in terms of interdisciplinarity. Due to the cyclical demand for education, it is advisable to expand academic continuing education for professionals. Virtual continuing education measures in the form of online courses could make it easier to combine work and academic continuing education.

“Our leaders of today need the philosophy of yesterday paired with the science and technology of tomorrow.” Anders Indset


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ATAD Implementation Act

The two draft bills on the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD Implementation Act) of 10 December 2019 and 24 March 2020 are intended to harmonize the various external tax laws of the European Union. The OECD’s findings on base erosion and profit shifting are also to be considered. The ATAD Implementation Act passed the German Bundesrat on June 25, 2021. In the ATAD podcasts, Bernd Ferber, your mentor for internationalization, will train you on the main tightening of the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD Implementation Act). Preventive implementation measures for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs will be delivered in 2024 Relocation of functions and establishment as an entrepreneur abroad.

BEPS and CRS Compendium
The battle of the high-tax countries with base erosion profit shifting (BEPS) and the common reporting standard (CRS) has been underway since 2014 and 2015. However, in combination with our learning package on the upcoming Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive according to the draft bills of December 10, 2019 and March 24, 2020, we are keen to highlight the new tightening and the fundamental changes in international tax law, Why setting up a foreign company still makes sense in 2024?… you can find out in our podcast series on BEPS and CRS.