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If you suffer from sweats and severe insomnia before a performance on stage, you’re in good company so far. Because you are exposed to one of the biggest career brakes of our time. What can we do for you? Our stage wellness oasis is waiting for you!
Our workshop will help you to overcome your personal speech anxiety and stress before a performance. Together we will support you with our intervention options against stage fright. Afterwards, you’ll be ready to take to the stage.

Why do I get stage fright when I have to go on stage or speak in front of an audience?

We humans do not like to be exposed to the primal fear of comparison. Stage fright is a symptom that can lead to high levels of excitement, sweating, insomnia, trembling and even blacking out when performing in front of a large crowd. Perhaps you remember math lessons when you were at school. The math teacher, let’s call him Mr. Oster, who wanted to turn you into an atomic physicist. What was it like when you had to deal with binomial formulas, algebra and the discussion of curves for years? The music teacher, let’s call him Mr. Eichner, who wanted to turn you into a little Mozart and regularly humiliated you, even though you were able to fully develop in “painting and drawing” …. We have all been “conditioned” here since childhood and adolescence. Later, these experiences lead to a lack of desire. The memories of the humiliation experienced during performance situations at the blackboard or on the music stage lead to fear of failure on stage in the present.


Tension is always particularly high in important situations in life. The first kiss, the math exam or Little Mozart on stage, nothing can go wrong here – because if something goes wrong, the effects are lifelong, without those affected recognizing or remembering the trigger in the present.

What triggers stress reactions?

After school, Mr. Eichner and Mr. Oster were mentally archived in the file folder for several years, followed by the relocation of the center of my life to Bühl/Baden. The tough years of training at the “Schlosshotel Bühlerhöhe”, which was (positively) etched in my mind and heart, were also followed by the archiving of my then two favorites, Mr. Grolic and Mr. Petersen, in the file folder. It was only later, at the Management Institute Herrenhausen in Hanover, that the processing of, you guessed it, from E, like Eichner to O, like Oster and G, like Grolic to P, like Petersen, took place.

I myself, remembered what led to my own stress reactions in the past

The presence of certain people and the size of the audience lead to different reactions in front of an auditorium. Being laughed at or even embarrassed triggers a variety of different emotions in almost all speakers without appropriate coaching. If the audience is even “chatty” or the level of attention is low, well then… that’s it for you as a speaker. You need to identify and resolve stress triggers. Your own voice, your appearance or your own perfectionist standards can be stress triggers. This leads to “jamming” and sweating. Many people are not aware of the situation that originally led to a speaker reacting sensitively to the idea of having to perform in front of other people. Although it is not necessary to know these trigger situations in detail, it is important to use scientifically proven methodological skills so that you can overcome your stage fright when performing on stage and in front of an audience. We provide you with tools so that you can help yourself after the coaching if necessary.

For whom is this coaching useful?

Anyone who is about to make an appearance or is suffering from increased tension as the next step in their career is about to be heralded. Anyone who will soon have to speak in public more often and wants to feel “at home” with their speech. Visit our stage wellness oasis. Together we will resolve bad experiences during a performance. We help to improve the impact of speaking in the group. Executives can sleep better again and gain more confidence and calm during a presentation. Those who want to recommend themselves for higher positions deliver their “best” with their head held high. The coaching can also be booked as a seminar for smaller or larger groups. During the INTENSIVE WORKSHOP, techniques, tactics, tips and skills are taught to successfully overcome your own stage fright on stage and in front of an audience.

Do you or your group still have questions about the design of your individual coaching?

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Formats and prices

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Course program over 8 hours
together with Michael-Ludwig Seyfried

maximum 20 participants/* 

Price: 1,495 €* per participant


  1. Tue, 26. Oct 2021
  2. Fri, 26 Nov 2021
  3. Wed,, 08. Dec 2021

Place: Cologne


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