Mobile app

Online interface & mobile app

You can access your digital mailbox in two ways at any time. Either via the intuitive online interface or via the free TempulseMail software. As soon as you register your first international business address, the digital mailbox is opened. If you add further business addresses worldwide over time, the mail arriving there will automatically flow into the original digital mailbox.

Mobile app

With the intuitive online interface and the mobile app, you can manage all your international business addresses centrally in one place.

In the intuitive online interface and in the mobile app you will find the valuable heart of the entire TempulseMail software. Here you will be informed immediately when letters and parcels arrive at your business addresses, including data on the sender, weight and format. With just one click, you can decide whether you want to scan, forward or destroy the items. Once scanned, you can access your mail directly without downloading. Anytime and anywhere. You can also generally manage your customer account and addresses in the settings and add new addresses worldwide at any time. In short, you can manage everything relating to your international business addresses via the online interface or the app. The great thing about this is that it remains a central user interface, even if you manage several international addresses. You will really enjoy using it.


You first come into contact with the TempulseMail online interface when you decide to buy international business addresses for your company. Registration is very simple and quick thanks to our wizard. Immediately after registration, you choose from all our business addresses and open the one you want within a few minutes. In locations you could only dream of before. You can immediately call your company ‘international’. Further intuitive steps will then guide you to your virtual mailbox, where all letters and parcels will later be received digitally for you. Using the online interface and the app is like going to the postbox every day. It’s that simple. Take the first steps today.

Advantages of TempulseMail

You can manage all your international business addresses in a central application on both your computer and smartphone

You will receive online and mobile notifications as soon as your shipment arrives

With just one click, you can instruct a scan, mail forwarding or destruction of the consignment

You can add new business addresses at any time

The interface and app are very modern and intuitive, so you will quickly find your way around on your own