Scan mail

OCR scan

The high-quality OCR scan provides you with a digital insight into your letters and parcels in no time at all. Our employees also scan large and stapled documents at no extra charge. The result is high-resolution and searchable PDF documents that are immediately delivered to your digital mailbox. There you can retrieve them directly without downloading.

Scan letters & parcels

You can have your letters and parcels scanned at the touch of a button and access them digitally at your convenience.

As soon as letters and parcels are received, you will be informed in the central online interface and optionally also via the app. You will receive basic information about the sender, size and weight of the letter or parcel. Immediately after receiving the information, you can instruct us to scan your mail along with other options. This means that our employees will immediately provide a high-resolution and searchable PDF document. You can access it easily and without downloading via your virtual mailbox. This saves you a trip to the letterbox and the physical paperwork on your desk. You always have your mail with you, wherever you are. And if you do need a scanned document physically and in its original form, simply instruct your mail to be forwarded. This is how excellent digital mail management works.

How long does the scan take and how does it work with parcels?

Virtual postbox instead of file folders – TempulseMail’s scanning service allows you to benefit from the advantages of a paperless office. A maximum of 48 hours elapses between the receipt of the mail at your business address and the delivery of the PDF document to the postbox. Our employees scan letters and documents of all kinds in high resolution and with a subsequent search function. Parcels and their contents are photographed and provided as a standard image file. After scanning, your original mail is stored at the business address for twelve months before it is destroyed. To store them digitally, you can set up a Dropbox connection and transfer all important documents to your Dropbox before they are destroyed.

Advantages of TempulseMail


Envelopes and contents are scanned separately

Parcel scans are to be understood as photographs of the parcel and its contents

Even large and stapled documents that require a more complicated scan are possible at no extra charge

You can store the scan of your mail as a standard option in the interface

Your letters become a high-resolution PDF document with a search function

Letter scans are always carried out with the utmost discretion and security

If you would like to have an item destroyed after scanning, postal destruction is also handled absolutely securely