Storage & destruction

Storage & destruction

From time to time, unwanted or irrelevant mail arrives at your business addresses. This is no different in Downtown than in your letterbox at home. While our employees sort out clear advertising mail directly, you can conveniently have the rest of the irrelevant mail destroyed yourself. All you have to do is press a button in the interface and our employees are on it. Naturally in accordance with the highest data protection standards.


Have you ever received unwanted or irrelevant mail? – Of course you can have it destroyed at the touch of a button.

Apart from general advertising mail, which our employees sort out directly without informing you, there may of course be other unwanted or irrelevant mail. In this case, you can simply have us destroy the relevant letters and parcels and their contents. To do this, simply go to the online interface or the app and select the ‘Destroy’ option for the relevant mail item. The employees at the relevant business addresses will then shred your mail so that it can no longer be reproduced and cannot fall into the wrong hands. Because your security is very important to us.

When can I initiate mail destruction?

Your letters and parcels can be destroyed both directly and after scanning. You can therefore initiate the destruction from the outset if you believe that the letters and parcels are irrelevant based on the consignment data. Or you can take a look first and then decide. In any case, unauthorized destruction of mail by our employees is ruled out, which you can rely on. You must authorize every mail destruction in the online interface or in the app. General destruction of existing mail takes place after twelve months. To avoid the destruction of mail that is twelve months old, you can set up a Dropbox connection and save your documents there.

Advantages of TempulseMail

You can initiate a mail shredding process at the touch of a button

You have no trouble with irrelevant or unwanted letters

You can rest assured that the mail destruction will be carried out in accordance with the highest data protection requirements and security standards

Reproduction of consignments after their destruction is excluded

Directly recognizable and unwanted advertising letters are destroyed immediately without you having to deal with them

Accidental deletions are prevented by the software’s security queries, so you don’t have to worry about unintentional deletions