Real employees

Real employees at the locations

Are you worried that virtual business addresses will turn your company into a dubious letterbox company? You don’t have to worry about that. Because all the locations we offer you and your company are staffed by real employees who deal competently and confidentially with incoming mail and office management. TempulseMail increases your success instead of jeopardizing it.

Receive mail items

You opt for the first worldwide business addresses where both letters and parcels are accepted.

International postal correspondence involves items of many different sizes, formats and weights. However, with most postal digitization services, you are not adequately prepared. This is because you do not have to accept parcels. TempulseMail is different. You can choose from more than 50 attractive business addresses worldwide, where both letters and, for the first time, parcels are accepted. Without size restrictions and in any quantity from any deliverer. You will be notified immediately when letters and parcels arrive at your business addresses. Including information on the sender, weight and format. On this basis, you decide whether our employees should scan, forward or destroy the letters and parcels. Incidentally, these employees sort out general advertising mail directly so that you only receive messages about mail that is really relevant to you.

What happens with consignments that require a signature?

From time to time, letters and parcels will arrive at your business addresses that you actually have to accept in person with proof of identity. The good thing about TempulseMail is that this mail will still reach you. Even if you are not personally located in New York or Singapore. With a power of attorney, you allow our employees to accept letters and parcels requiring authentication on your behalf. Smoothly and, of course, with the utmost discretion. Because your sense of security and well-being are our key drivers. We will be happy to advise you on how to set up and provide the power of attorney for our employees.

Advantages of TempulseMail


You receive letters and, for the first time, parcels at all business addresses

Parcels are accepted in all sizes, formats, weights and from all deliverers

With a simple power of attorney, you also allow the acceptance of mail that requires authentication

Your mail is handled with the utmost discretion and security

You will be informed immediately about all incoming letters and parcels

It’s easy to manage your mailings online or on your mobile device

All letters and parcels are stored free of charge for at least five days