Corporate Training

12-hour intensive training camp with the TGC coaching staff

What concerns a person when it comes to negotiating? What aspects of negotiating appeal to them? What style should be used when negotiating? What language should be used when negotiating? What changes should be initiated? Organizations and companies are challenged by the fact that they have to constantly change their “doing”. Changing market conditions lead to the need for dynamic adaptation. For example, the digital transformation has arrived everywhere, but has not yet been sufficiently implemented in the German market in particular. Combining the existing core business with the opportunities of the digital world is one of the key challenges for organizations of all sizes.

This creates the need and also the space for negotiations at regional and global level. New customer challenges that cannot be solved without digitalization are a requirement for “up-to-the-minute” negotiations. New business models need to be recognized. These must be established on the market in a way that is profitable for the organization. Artificial intelligence has already ignited the next stage of digitalization. The automation of business processes at customers and companies is also having a breathtakingly dynamic impact on all areas of the organization.

Target group

Managing directors, sales, marketing and HR managers are called upon to bring together all internal and external participants involved in this TOP 1 topic.

The aim is to present complex topics such as negotiations in a motivating way? The aim is to trigger an impulse for real added value. By achieving clear negotiation results, the participants in the negotiation are inspired and positioned in a targeted manner.


Our goal is to ensure that all participants are established in a top-level negotiation performance. Better results, more revenue and profit and more efficient conflict resolution are on the agenda. During the intensive training, techniques, tactics, tips and skills are taught to optimize personal negotiation results. The 12-hour intensive training course contains the condensed know-how for better negotiations.

Costs: EUR 1350.00 plus VAT.