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Business consulting for internationalization and metaverse strategies

Business Consulting

Internationalize your company

Tempulse Global Consultancy was founded so that YOU as our customer do not face the challenge we faced back then. Our goal is to establish you in all corners of the world so that you can internationalize your company with just a few clicks and digitally. When implementing your functional relocation to new markets abroad, however, it is also important to consider the framework conditions and local requirements. Whether in Europe | Asia | Australia | North America | South America or in Africa, we support you in setting up your company through authorized legal service providers. Business Consulting

Our multi-stage plan supports you in building up the necessary substance of your company abroad. We provide you with concepts that comply with European law for the correctly optimized relocation of your place of residence, including your center of life and economic interests abroad and our support for your non-domiciled status and remittance basis taxation. Business Consulting
Bahram Behzadi-Fard

Our way of working

We are well acquainted with the conditions in many of the countries where we are based. But “cobbler stick to your last”, founding and supporting companies in our listed countries of domicile on your own is also arrogant from a liability point of view. Business Consulting Business Consulting

We work together with authorized legal service providers in the countries in which we are based. The mandate you give us is managed jointly. While these service providers have a local focus, they have little knowledge of the international context.

We coordinate the process and our imposed transparency rules ensure that all parties involved know each other. You will receive an invoice from the partner law firm and we will invoice you for the advice, the management of your foreign company and the business addresses used. Business Consulting

Our steps

If you are thinking about relocating abroad and are planning to set up a foreign company, then present your project to us! This step is free of charge.

You will receive an evaluation of our analysis using real end-to-end encryption to ensure secure data transfer. All files to be sent are securely encrypted and segmented before transfer and can only be converted back into plain text by you using your password. This means that nobody – apart from the sender and recipient – can view the communication and the stored data. In this way, we can guarantee you maximum security and responsible handling of your sensitive information.

The next step is a paid consultation